With more than 100 awards to its credit since opening its doors in 1992, Lacava Design Inc. is a Canadian design firm founded by Montreal’s Lucie Lacava. Her international reputation for excellence in editorial design and corporate identity is a product of a unique, architectural approach to design and streamlined use of typography that has prompted the best in the business to describe her work as “beautifully executed” and “masterfully done.”  Such accolades are the result of a design philosophy and aesthetic that seeks to express not only the immediate needs of the client publication, but a sensivity to its history and its established values. We believe that the design of a newspaper should be driven by its content.

Among the best known names in the business, Lacava's clean, crisp and modern approach is not only esthetically pleasing but also translates into substantial increases in circulation and reader satisfaction. The Company counts among its clients prestigious publications whose cirulations range from 15,000 to more than one million, as well as museums and other institutions.

Lacava Design has gained recognition worldwide for specializing in publication design. The Company offers a wide range of services: design, information architecture, strategic planning and workflow, custom-designed fonts, and infographics.

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