Lulu Conchita Galway joined Lacava Design Inc. in September 2007. Her responsibilities as Design Director include the research, design and implementation of new print projects including the development of styleguides. She is also responsible for the hiring of freelance contributors.  

Some of the major projects she has focused on are
The National, "m" magazine and Al Ittihad, all in the U.A.E.  
Recent projects include HERE as well as the award winning L'Étoile. Upcoming projects include the re-branding of Brunswick News as well as the complete redesign of the Telegraph-Journal website including an App. for hand held devices.

She has spent much of her career hopping between Canada, the UK and New Zealand and has built up an extensive experience in the book publishing industry.
Her wildest experience comes from working for director Peter Jackson on the epic trilogy The Lord of the Rings. Designing elven war banners and hobbit paraphenalia.

Lulu holds two Bachelors degrees in Fine Arts and Design. She also maintains a fine arts practice.

Lulu is fluent in English and French and can be reached at